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Condo Questionnaires and Surveys

Condominium questionaires and surveys are $300 payable to Florida Skyline Management. Please send check or money order with survey to our correspondence center along with an email address for a return response.

We require prepayment for this service, which takes ten (10) business days from receiving the payment.

For a rush fee option, please add $100 to the payment. A rush fee guarantees a return within 2/3 business days of receiving payment.


Estoppel Fees & Requests

Effective July 1st, 2023,  all Florida Skyline Management Estoppel requests will increase to $299 in accordance with the suggested rate per the state of Florida. The new policy, implemented by the governor this summer, standardizes the rates for estoppel and the required timelines needed. Florida Skyline Management will also continue to offer the 48 hour rush fee option for an additional $100 per the standardized formal adopted by the state. If the account is in collection, then an additional $150 will be charged for the estoppel. The estoppels will be completed within 10 days for regular processing or 2 days for rush fee service.

To pay for an estoppel online, please click below and access the online account. When you get to the search bar type in Florida Skyline Management. At the login page, please choose " Quick Payment". The next step is to enter FSM in the account number field. Then click to go on and make the payment. Make sure that you choose estoppel and put the address of the property in the memo section. Once you get your payment confirmation email, please forward to us and attach the estoppel and the response will be returned to the email address.

To pay for an estoppel by mail, please send check payable to Florida Skyline Management, the request form and an email address for quick reply to: Florida Skyline Management, 22163 Majestic Woods Way, Boca Raton, FL 33428. For more information on an estoppel request, please contact the management office at 954-806-6393.


Certificate of Insurance

To receive a certificate of insurance please obtain the email address or fax number of the certificate line that services your community. You can get that information by contacting your property manager. Please fax or email the letter from your bank and the certificate department will get a copy of the request to the party in need of the COI.


Architectural Change Requests (ARB)

To complete an Architectural Change request, please download the form on the web site, include the copy of the contractors license, insurance and a the contract for work to be done along with the signed application. The more information you include like pictures, survey and specifics of the project will help the committee review.


Online Payments

You have six (6) ways to make a payment:

● Send check or money order to rent processing center

● Setup Florida Skyline Management as a vendor on your online bill pay through your bank

● Setup ACH Direct Debit from your bank account for rent payment, use ACH Direct Debit Form under Forms and Links

● Hire our courier to pick up rent for a fee

● Call our 24/7 Telephone Payment Line at 1-305-252-8297 press option 3 for free over phone payments

● Click on the "Make a Payment" button below and pay with e-check or credit card

make a payment button




Where should I send my check or money order?

Association Payment Processing Center

"Your Association Name"

c/o Florida Skyline Management

PO Box 161617

Miami, Florida 33116-1617




Please click the button below.

When completed, please copy of the tenant(s) or buyer(s) drivers license or government issued photo ID, and your lease or sales contract to our email address at the management office. This information is on the criteria page of the application.

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Please note that all requests take ten (10) business days. For requests that need to be completed in 2/3 business days, please utilize the $100.00 "Rush Service" fee.




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