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Associations Prepare for 2020 Budget Season

The Florida Skyline Management Staff is preparing all the communities for the 2020 Budget season. Over the next few months, the property managers will be presenting the proposed budgets to the Board of Directors for their review, suggestions and edits on the upcoming budgets. As the fiscal year ends on December 31, 2019, we want all the communities to be financially prepared for the upcoming year. Our team will be performing reviews of vendor contracts, insurance policies and other operating costs to find all savings available. As our reputation as a leader in reducing expenses, increasing services all while maintaining low management fees is why so many Associations are seeking Florida Skyline to come to their communities.

Please be looking in the mail for your copy of the 2020 budget meeting notice and proposed budget. Once the board approves the final budget, the 2020 coupons will be mailed to all owners. We welcome all suggestions and look forward to seeing the great residents and volunteer board members to make sure the community is financially ready for 2020.

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Florida Skyline Management is your premier property management company from large communities to single family homes. We serve local, regional and national clients and owners with all their South Florida property management needs.

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We manage the following types of accounts:

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  • Time Share Associations
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  • Apartment Buildings
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  • Individual Homes, Duplexes or Town homes


"Our community is being run by the greatest management team in south Florida. Their model of management is the best around. Keep up the good work, FSM!"
- South Sea Apartment Condominium Association

"The management company stands alone with friendly staff, rapid responses and a great network of vendors."
- Southeast Park Condominium Association

"The profits are the highest they have ever been and we are real estate investors for 20 years. Very fortunate to have found Squidrock Management"
- MTS Investments LLC